Raycast Applications That Will Make You a Super Developer! โ€”
Raycast is one of the best tool if you want to speed up your productivity on Mac. Here are the 10 applications I use the most in Raycast, on a daily basis.



Spolight on Mac is great, but it always lacked the possibility to add custom commands and third party access. And that's where Alfred comes in. It's a great application that allows you to do just that. I have been a big fan of "Alfred" at least since 2015. I would recommend this application to anyone who wants to be more productive on their Mac. I was a big fan!

But few months ago, one of my colleague talked to me about Raycast. Eager to always find better tools and expand my productivity, I decided to give it a try. The first thing I noticed was the speed. Not that "Alfred" is slow, but Raycast was just blazing fast!

I was hooked! And when I found out that all the applications were build in TypeScript, this was the cherry on the cake! After a few weeks now using it, I don't see myself going back.

And today, I wanted to share with you the 10 applications I use the most in Raycast, on a daily basis. Those applications are more towards developers but I highly recommend you to check Raycast out (it's free)

One Password

1Password has been my password manager for many years. I can search, copy username or password, open the website. The only annoying part is the fact that 1Password always ask me to give access to the application. Annoying but still useful.

TailwindCSS Docs

I use TailwindCSS and nothing better than opening the TailwindCSS documentation directly from Raycast. I could search directly on the website but this saves me some clicks.


Open pull requests, notifications, discussions from Github... I can also search directly repositories from Raycast.


Play, pause, stop, next... I can control Spotify directly from Raycast. This is something I was always using on Alfred, couldn't approve Raycast if I didn't have this option.


Raindrops is my favourite bookmark manager. The kind of tool that constantly adds new features. I can search, open, add new bookmarks directly from Raycast with the Raindrop application.


I love seeing the status of my deployment on Vercel from Raycast. Can directly open my projects too.

Visual Studio Code

I use "Visual Studio Code" Raycast App in combinaison with "Project Manager" to quickly access all my projects in an instant.

Bonus: Clipboard History

This is not an application, but a feature I loved on Alfred and actually exists on Raycast, even it's slighly less powerful.

"Clipboard History" give you access to your last copied items. I've assign the double โŒฅ (action) key to open the clipboard history. This is a feature I use constantly, and I'm glad it's available on Raycast.

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