Tools and softwares I use daily

Discover the softwares and tools I daily used and also the ones I use for my side-projects.

Photo of my desk setup with pink and warm yellow Philips Hue lights. My white desk is composed with 2 screens with a colorful screen background. Two white speakers in each side of the desk. A gray keyboard and a black mouse on a black pad. A microphone on a black arm attached to the right side of the desk.

I also maintain on Github a list of the applications I use with more details than the current page. Checkout all my gear on to see how I configured my home office but also my photographic and video gear and much more!

If you want to see what other developers use, feel free to check out!


Thumbnail of Raycast


Alfred was the number one software I installed on any new Mac device (since 2015). But I decided to switch to Raycast and haven't look back.

Thumbnail of 1Password


After using LastPass, I switched to the Toronto based product: 1password has been my go to password manager for few years now.


Thumbnail of CleanShot X

CleanShot X

By far, the best software for taking screenshots and screen recordings. Bought the licence the day it came out!

Thumbnail of Eagle


After being a fan of Pixave, I moved to Eagle and it has been amazing! Eagle has regular updates and allow me to vizualize icons, photos, screenshots...

Thumbnail of DEVONthink 3

DEVONthink 3

I store all online articles, PDF and sometimes images on DEVONthink. The integration with macOS and the automation possibilities makes it perfect to handle my different workflows.

Thumbnail of Fantastical


I use Fantastical to manage personal and professional events. The default Apple Calendar is far from having enough features for my needs.

Thumbnail of Obsidian


Obsidian is a beautiful peace of software. I use it daily to keep track of courses I'm studying, goals for the year and projects I want to work on.


Thumbnail of Tower


The most powerful Git client I've been using since 2015

Thumbnail of iTerm 2

iTerm 2

The best terminal emulator for macOS

Audio / video

Thumbnail of Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

I'm a huge fan of Adobe Audition, but I can't justify paying for the subscription. Logic Pro is a very powerful audio workstation and does everything I need!

Thumbnail of Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

I used Adobe Premiere for many years, but I fell in love with Final Cut Pro. The integration with other Apple devices and products makes it the best companion for editing all my videos.