The Philosophy and Approach of "User First"


You've likely heard about "mobile first", "content first", "design first", and the like. But what about "user first"? To me, it's the most crucial principle of all.

The "User First" principle is a methodology where we put the user at the forefront in everything we undertake.

  • Pondering over introducing a new feature? Seek feedback from your users.
  • Wondering what could draw your user's acquaintances to your platform? Ask your users.
  • Concerned about what might lead your user to stop using your platform? Ask your users.

You get the drift.

But why do some businesses still do the exact opposite? Why do they continue to decide what they think is best for their users without seeking their input? It can often make a business think they know better what users want.

A common statement I hear is "our users don't know what they want, they always grumble...". Well, if they're grumbling, it means they desire something different.

User needs generate businesses, and businesses foster user needs. It's a symbiotic cycle. If you don't listen to your users, you risk losing them. No amount of excuses can make up for neglecting to hear them out.

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